Pop-Up space Unity Gallery is hosted by The Bakery, to present the upcoming solo exhibition Against Nature featuring works by local artist Kuh Del Rosario.

Inspired by the 1884 novel by J.K. Huysmans of the same name, Against Nature examines the material world as they punctuate the human experience. Using disparate materials harvested from short walks, long travels as well as synthetic oddities pulled from the artists’ personal collection, Kuh Del Rosario seeks to answer the mysteries of 'things'.  ‘As they circulate through our lives, we look through objects (to see what they disclose about history, society, nature, or culture – above all, what they disclose about us), but we only catch a glimpse of things.’ Bill Brown, ‘The Thing Theory’ Critical Inquiry.

Kuh Del Rosario is a Vancouver-based artist with a practice that encompass painting, installation, video, performance and sculpture. She graduated from The Alberta College of Art and Design and has exhibited across Canada in both solo and group exhibitions.