THE BAKERY presents artists Somnia Lucent and Brady Marks collaborating on a new work “Ways of Seeing”. A single channel interactive audio-video installation which questions the relationship between image and viewer - confronting the current reality of media consumption.

The contemporary media trend is toward short in duration & psychologically affective media bites. They provide either shocking or comforting content. We see fuzzy feel good cat videos, political sound bites, 15 second Vine pranks or NERFs (New Exciting Retail Products). These are chopped up into easily consumed fragments, requiring little time investment and leverage familiar characters, tropes or celebrities as click bait. Once we have shown previous receptivity to the certain ideas or themes. Google and Amazon’s recommendation algorithms guarantee that we will see more of the same. The resulting cultural and political landscape is increasing siloed and polarized. Counterpoints to these movement are slow TV, serialized in-depth investigations and personalized documentary natives, especially in podcast form.

This work is an attempt to broaden our collective media pallet. We would like to explore an alternative: the experience of limited discomfort to build capacity for deeper engagement with challenging media. The artists bring us into contact with longer form abstract/landscape audio-visual content with the interactivity that and plays with our sense of agency. The desire here is to create and experience which rather than being rewarding, for the viewer, opens up the viewer's relationship to what they find rewarding. To be clear, the engagement will be neither pandering nor repulsive but rather passively inviting.

You are invited to become aware of you own viewing practices, in viewing a landscape that looks back at you.


2015 On The Trail, Two Channel Video Installation & Web Site, w/ Brady Marks, SYNC3, 107 Projects Redfern, Sydney,AU, Wanderer
2012 Impulse: a bio sensitive installation, w/ Limbic Media, G++ Gallery, Victoria, B.C. Interactive Installation
2011 Domestic Immobility: in memory of Jasmine Valentina, SheBam!, The Refinery, Saskatoon,SK, Film,Photography Installation
Body Party, Balloons for Jasmine, Much ado About Nothing Doing, SCYAP, Saskatoon,SK, Film,Photography Installation
2010 HANGING OUT WITH YOUR BRAIN IS FUN!, Digital Animation, NextFest, Edmonton, Show Us Your Shorts Festival,
(2009) EMMEDIA, Calgary,AB, Screening
2009 MILKNZENTWIRL, Digital Animation, w/ Tania Cruz, Factory Party #4, Uptown Theatre, Calgary,AB, Screening
Beet Heart, Digital Animation, w/ Tania Cruz, Animation Lockdown, Marque Room, Calgary,AB, Screening
Touching Strangers, Digital Video w/ Tania Cruz, Birth of a Notion, The Plaza Theatre, Calgary,AB, Screening
2015 Future Smuggler, Adanac Pool, Dir: J. Craig, Vancouver, BC, Costume Designer
Tinkers: Workshop II and Preview, The Only Animal, Crystal Creek, BC, Costume Designer
2014 Mothers of Confederation, Georgetown Playhouse, Georgetown, PE, Costume Designer
The Drowsy Chaperone, Georgetown Playhouse, Georgetown, PE, Costume Design Assistant
Nothing But Sky, The Only Animal, Vancouver, BC, Assistant Animator, Costume Assistant, Art Direction [for video]
2012 Out On A Limb, The Only Animal, Vancouver, BC, Assistant Animator
2011 Glitter Bike Ride 2.0, Performance by Mr & Mrs Keith Murray and Anthea Black, San Francisco,USA, Costume Designer
2009 Yellow Wallpaper, Short Animation, Dir: A. Koizumi, Calgary,AB/ Toronto,ON, Costume Designer
2008 I, Me, Wed, Performance by Mr & Mrs Keith Murray, Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas, USA, Costume Designer
Dance Collection ’08, Designer: Danielle Marlane Gotell (self), Community Cloth, Calgary,AB, Season Collection

2013 Assistant Animator: Nothing But Sky, The Only Animal, Vancouver, BC, Internship
2012 Assistant Animator: Out On A Limb, The Only Animal, Vancouver, BC, Internship
2012 Limbic Media, Victoria, BC, Residency
2014 Jessie Richardson Theatre Award, Outstanding Achievement in Integrated Design, Nothing But Sky, The Only Animal, Vancouver, BC
2009 Production Access Scholarship, EMMEDIA, Calgary, AB, Production Scholarship

2015 On The Trail, Two Channel Video Installation & Web Site, w/ Danielle Gotell, SYNC3, 107 Projects Redfern, Sydney,AU Walker
2012- We Are With You, Science World (2014), ISEA(2015), VIVO Media Arts (2012), Principle Art Researcher, Commissioned
2013 Look Into My Face… w/ G. Farmer Studio, Barbican London (2013), VAG (2015), Luminato Fest. Toronto (2015) Generative A/V Film
2011- Let's Make the Water Turn Black w/ G. Farmer,Los Angeles (2011), Zurich (2013), Nottingham (2013), Hamburg (2014),
Miami (2014),VAG (2015) Audio/Kinect/Light Composition Acquired. feat. Intermezzo Original Audio/Light Generative Composition
2010 Best Before w/ Rimini Protokol, PUSH Festival, 9 City International Tour, Interactive Game Theatrical Performance
2009 Elements, Woman’s Studies #9, VIVO Media Art Center, Vancouver, Live Audio/Video Performance
2009 Lingua Aqua Surrey Art Centre, Bear Creek Park, Surrey, Public Audio/Video Installation
2009 Ritual and Abstraction: Death to the Purists and Les Suites: Loneliness in a New City after Betrayal at Home
appears in Theatre of Cruelty by Geoffrey Farmer, National Art Gallery, Ottawa, Acquired, Generative Compositions & Original Sound
2008 Pointing Votes for Sleep Walkers, VIVO Media Art Centre, Vancouver Residency, Interactive Sculpture & Artist Talk
2007 I am Listening Open Sound, Surrey Art Gallery Commissioned & Acquired (2009), Listening Light Sculpture
2007 Soft(n) w/ Thecla Schiphorst, Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Interactive Sound
2006 Tree Studies /w Chris Welsby, Gwang-Ju Biennale of Art, Korea, Emergent Soundscape Composition
2006 Doppler Corridor TEAS, Vancouver Peoples Choice Award, eyeTeasers Video iPod Exhibition
2005 exhale (breath between bodies) SIGGRAPH, San Francisco Interactive Sound Composition
2003- Lost UnDEAF, Rotterdam, NL (2007), Signal and Noise, Van. (2004), Found Data Object, BLIM,(2003) (Re)design Festival, Van. (’03)
Interactivity Lab, SFU, Surrey (2003) Audio/Visual Installation, Emergent Soundscape Composition
2005 M.Sc Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University, Graduate Association President, Graduate Fellowship
1994 B.Sc. (Honours) Computer Science - University of Cape Town, South Africa, Merit Listed, 1st Class, Distinction in Computer Science