SIX PAINTINGS is an intuitive investigation of light, surface and texture. Beginning with a bright monochromatic ground artist Dave Hucal works away from this initial decision, color operating as a way of setting up new variables within each work. After this initial decision is made, every subsequent decision is informed by it. Hucal makes modest sized works on paper, which are then attached to wooden supports. He uses printmaking techniques to translate information through a process which is additive. The surfaces often end up quite degraded through the process of making the work. Tears, and remnants of other materials, such as plastics and other papers are left on the work. Hucal aims to give the viewer a sense of life, or the world, inflecting the work and being apparent through the process of the works making.

Dave Hucal graduated from Emily Carr University in 2007 with a BFA in painting, he then went to the University of Guelph graduating in 2012 with an MFA in Studio Art, he was a semi-finalist in the RBC Painting Competition that same year ( 2012 ). Hucal has exhibited at Sea Foam, Jenin’s Studio and Diaz Contemporary in Toronto, ON, Zavits Gallery in Guelph, ON, Art Gallery of Hamilton, ON and Jeffrey Boone Gallery in Vancouver, BC. Dave Hucal is a recipient of the Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant, 2016. He currently lives in Toronto, ON, where he teaches at Brock University, St. Catharines, ON.