The Bakery and Dynamo Arts Association present Bend Toward the Sun, Bring the Sky Beneath Your Feet, a group exhibition presented across two spaces.

Johnny Burgess (Vancouver), Jessica Groome (Berlin), Jenine Marsh (Toronto), Ella Dawn McGeough (Toronto), Steven Hubert (Vancouver) and Les Ramsay (Vancouver).

Curated by Jasmine Reimer (Toronto).

Bend Toward the Sun, Bring the Sky Beneath Your Feet renders the words ‘flexible’ and ‘material’ as indefinite. Material, the matter from which all things are made or can be made, is dilated, including not only physical objects and images but also mind and spirit. Materials produce materials. Seeped in charm and grace, flexibility is a slippery tongue that evades specificity or explanation.

Surprisingly, we are confronted with the danger in bending, stretching, in risking a break, in the pleasure of meandering. Splinters and sagging slits, universal footwear and monochrome flora, wayward glue and terry cloth comfort set up the circumstances in which flexibility is equally an advantage and handicap. Confronting the ostensible relationship between supple maker and elastic thing, this exhibition questions the purpose of limitations; revised and confronted, boundaries become fluid, distant and permeable.